Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Name and address

A looooooooooong looooooooong time ago, I mentioned more details about the venue for the Great Gerdes Off-the-Grid Get Together this June 7.....for those unsure of what's currently at the address, 130 West 3rd was where Folk City ended up its last 16+ years.....The Fat Black Pussycat and Village Underground are in that location now....Proprietor Noam Dworman has generously offered Us the landmark spot over by 6th Ave for the night.....state of the art sound and lighting......bass and guitar amps with a drum kit and keyboards.....full bar and small plates from the kitchen.....same front door, bar, front window, new ice's ready for a party....bring your liver

backpacks and other large containers are subject to random search don't know....Paul Stookey....I have no idea. Whoever wants to check 'em. We're taking volunteers.

Welcome to new York

several thousand thank yous

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